The schedule for the first edition of BUBA Cup released

September 16, 2009

The schedule for the International tournament for kids born after 1998 organized by BUBA Basket was released. Eight teams will take part from five countries that will be divided in two different groups. The teams from Bulgaria are Levski (Sofia), Rilski Sportist (Samokov), Dorostol (Silistra) and BUBA Basket. From abroad are coming KK Radnicki (Serbia), Monte San Pietro (Italy), Dan Dacian (Romania) and Junior Fructal (Macedonia). The competition will begin at September 23rd and will finish on 27th and the games will be played in "Triaditsa" Hall. In both groups every team will play against each other and then in the last two days will be held the semifinals and the final.

In group A are the teams of BUBA Basket, Dan Dacian, Junior Fructal and Rilski Sportist.

In group B the four teams are Levski, KK Radnicki, Monte San Pietro and Dorostol.

Here is the full schedule of the tournament:
First International tournament "BUBA Cup"
"Triaditsa" hall, Sofia

Wednesday, September 23
12.00 KK Radnicki - Dorostol
14.00 Junior Fructal - Rilski Sportist
16.00 BUBA Basket - Dan Dacian
18.00 Monte San Pietro - Levski

Thursday, September 24
12.00 Levski - Dorostol
14.00 Rilski Sportist - Dan Dacian
16.00 Monte San Pietro - KK Radnicki
18.00 BUBA Basket - Junior Fructal

Friday, September 25
12.00 Dan Dacian - Junior Fructal
14.00 BUBA Basket - Rilski Sportist
16.00 KK Radnicki - Levski
18.00 Monte San Pietro - Dorostol

Saturday, September 26
12.00 4 A - 4 B
14.00 3 A - 3 B

16.00 2 A - 1 B
18.00 1 A - 2 B
Sunday, September 27
10.00 Game for 3/4 place
12.00 FINAL

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